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  Section III:Vision Section IV:Branding English
             Section V:Customer Services Section VI:Management Team
         Section VII:Partners
Section I:Mission Statement
        As one of the fastest growing family of car owners, you must have encountered one of the following problems like many of us had experienced:a lot of annoying telemarketing calls from auto insurance brokers; almost impossible to comprehended insurance “legal contracts”; when an accident happened, you are kicked by different agent as a ball and never been able to get an reliable services from a trusted side because your particular agent is “off on vacation”; or simply that years of good driving record did not bring you any reward in the auto insurance premiums. Here comes! that is exactly what we do and we do the best: solve your above problems in a clear and reliable way for good!
         Let's getting started: first let's check – "did you over-paid your auto insurance, Let Sooboo calculate for you!". We are so confident that we not only can bring all of the good and reliable services to you at significant saving to you at the same time, but also at exactly the time you want it! So we calculate it for you for absolutely free of charge, without any obligation. We think you are going to get better insurance at lower price as most of our visitors did, so you will go with us – that is what our business is!
Section II:Introduction to provides web based interactive services 24x7. Coupled with our call center services and hand delivery services, we let you enjoy the benefit of the best from both of traditional agents and internet:
        1. Real time quote of auto insurance through internet at your own finger tips.
        2. Professional insurance consultation and recommendation
        3. Individualized insurance plan
        4. On line transaction
        5. Hand delivery to the door 
        All of these functions are realized through our in house developed and sophisticated software interface packages. Let’s log into now to experience the differences! It is free of charge to you even you are not our customer yet, since we are so confident that once you experienced our web site you won’t leave without become one of our satisfied clients.
Section III:Vision
        As an integrated web site serving our loyal upper middle class customers, we currently focusing on the Beijing greater capital area, with plan to expend to the top 10 largest cities in a very near future. The goal is to build an international trusted and nationally covered web site in the greater China region which is enjoying the fastest growing economy in the world.
         Our services will expend to meet every aspects of your insurance need as well: property insurance, auto related services like repair and maintenance, auto rescue and on road services e.t.c.
Section IV:Branding
        Auto insurance broker over internet is the key branding point for We provide real time quote from multiple trusted insurers with the slogan – "let the insurers compete so you can save at the end"; we provide clear and easy to understand terms and contracts, so you can compare easily and shopping around freely.
    Real time quote for auto insurance —— multiple choice of insurance from multiple insurers with any combinations and permutations.
    24x7 online —— Internet services provide these any time and any places convenience directly to you.
    Lowest cost ——the bottom line is that you, the customer, can buy the best auto insurance at the lowest price possible because we eliminated the middle man for you.
    Better Services —— Just tell us what you want, and leave the rest for Sooboo.
Section V:Customer Services
        Convenient – Very easy interface to make it self tutorial
        Professional – we give you the best solutions
        Reliable – Safely designed database and payment system
        Sincere – we think from you – our customer’s angle
        Thorough – Attention to details
Section VI:Management Team
The key management team is consisted of seasoned managers:
        Mr.Wei David Wang,CEO, Chairman of BoD Master degree from Central South University. His work experience included General Manager of investment bank in HaiTong Securities South branch, CFO of TianHua Group which in charge of public company YanHua High Tech(SZ000609).
        Mr.Lei Tom Wan, President, BoD member BA of Finance from Jiangxi Finance University. His work experience included General Manager of IT department, Assistant to CEO of Fujian Industrial Bank ShenZhen branch, and China Everbright Bank.
        Dr.Oliver Keren Ban, BoD member Ph.D in Computer Science and MBA from University of Texas at Austin, McComb School of Business. His work experience included as Chief Technologist of IBM AP procurement Engineering, and Senior Consultant of Synopsys, Staff Design Engineer of Sony Central Research, Design Engineer of IIT across continents in China, US, Europe and Japan.
Section VII:Partners
We have a team of core and expending partners from "who's who" of the China's insurers:
China Insurance(PICC)
Ping An Insurance
China Pacific Insurance
China United Property Insurance
SinoSafe Insurance

Regulation Authority and supporting Medias:
China Insurance Institute
China Association of Social Insurance
China Automobile Trade Association
China Insurance Daily
Beijing Evening News
China Automobile News
China law and order News

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